Risks Associated with IVF

Risks Associated with IVF

The booklet “Information and Risks Associated with in Vitro Fertilization”, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, is available for patients to download for their reference. It offers a description for potential adverse effects and risks of In Vitro Fertilization offered at the Regional Fertility Program. Our staff will educate you about your IVF procedures and the potential risks associated with it. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about their procedures so they fully understand their treatment choices, their chance of success and any potentially harmful effects or risks associated with their treatments.

Informed Consent

Informed consent is needed so that patients understand the risks involved in achieving an IVF pregnancy.  It is therefore required that you have received, signed and witnessed important information regarding the use of reproductive material (sperm, eggs or embryos) as outlined in the “Assisted Human Reproduction Regulations on Consent“.

Maternal and Fetal Health Risks

Achieving your goals for a successful IVF treatment are associated with risks to the health of both the mother and child. The following video provides additional information regarding the risks associated with multiple pregnancies and other IVF treatment options.