RFP Pharmacy

RFP Pharmacy

The RFP Pharmacy is an on-site licensed pharmacy located in the Regional Fertility Program clinic. Complete pharmacy services are provided to the Regional Fertility Program patients at competitive rates. The pharmacy services complement the multidisciplinary team environment in place at the clinic. The goal is to make sure you have all the information and supplies you need to be successful in using the medication(s) prescribed. Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding Pharmacy Services at the RFP.

Instructional Videos

The RFP Pharmacy has developed a series of instructional videos designed to teach patients on how to self inject or administer their fertility medications. Available videos are for:

  1. using Suprefact
  2. using Microdose Suprefact
  3. using Cetrotide – full dose
  4. using Cetrotide – half dose
  5. using Orgalutran
  6. using Luveris
  7. using Puregon
  8. using Menopur
  9. using Gonal-F

Consultation can take place in person at the clinic or by telephone. The pharmacist is available between 7:45 am and 3:15 pm Monday through Friday excluding statutory holidays. The pharmacist can be reached by telephone, Fax, or in person while at the clinic.

Pharmacy Staff:

Peggy Hemstock, BSc Pharm
Pharmacy Director

Jola Surmanowicz, BSc Pharm
Staff Pharmacist

Kendra Montigny, BSc Pharm
Staff Pharmacist

Lorena Holtz, BSc Pharm
Staff Pharmacist


All clinic pharmacists are experienced in many areas of pharmacy practice with specific knowledge in reproductive medicine and fertility treatments.

Phone: (403) 284-5401 FAX: (403) 284-5430

RFP Pharmacy hours:

7:45 am – 3:15 pm Monday through Friday (excludes statutory holidays)

In town patients:

Prescriptions may be picked up from the pharmacy.

Out of town patients:

Prescriptions can be sent by courier (Purolator) to a depot closest to your home. Our goal is for your complete medication package to arrive in 1-2 business days.