Cryostorage FAQ


What are my options when I no longer wish to continue storing my embryos?

You must complete a consent form indicating your wishes for the future disposition of your embryos if you no longer wish to continue storage of your embryos.  This consent should be signed by both partners and the signatures must be witnessed.  Your witness must also sign and date the document.  Couples can choose only one of the following options:

Destroyed – the embryos will be destroyed in the IVF lab after receipt of your consent. You will be notified by mail after the destruction. It is important to inform the clinic of any change in address or contact information.

Donated for use by an infertile couple – you will be contacted by mail with information describing your participation in the Embryo Donation program. Donors are required to complete a detailed family history form, undergo blood tests to screen for infectious diseases and have a consultation with one of our counsellors prior to donation of their embryos. The consultation with a counsellor is usually done by telephone. A current mailing address needs to be maintained with the clinic. The following criteria are requirements for couples wishing to donate their embryos:

1. female partner must be 37 years or younger at the time of egg retrieval

2. fertilization of the eggs must not have been done with intracytoplasmic sperm insertion (ICSI) (unless it was done for antisperm antibodies, previous vasectomy or failed fertilization).

Who should I speak to if I have questions about my embryos?

Please address questions about your embryos to our Embryology lab. Our team of embryologists is best equipped to handle those questions.