IVF Evening Information Session

IVF Evening Information Session

IVF is a complicated process with many considerations. In order to fully inform our patients of these issues all patients (both partners) must attend an information session prior to the stimulation cycle. A physician, pharmacist, counselor and a member of the nursing staff give presentations on the different aspects of IVF. Attendance at the session is required prior to the signing of the treatment consent forms. All consent forms require both partners’ signatures as well as a third party witness.

Some patients may find it helpful to have the opportunity to review the information covered in the IVF Information Session prior to or after attending the session.  We are pleased to provide these videos in response to such requests from our patients.  These recordings are from an actual information session.  Please note that these videos are not intended to replace the benefits of attending a live session in person.

In Vitro Fertilization

Pharmacy Services

The Emotional Aspects of IVF

IVF Evening Information Session Location

Sessions are held at the Coombs Lecture Theatre in the Foothills Medical Centre (1403 29 Street NW, Calgary, AB) twice per month on a Thursday evening and are approximately 2 hours in length.

Click here for parking information at the Foothills Medical Centre.

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To Register an Appointment

Please register for the IVF evening session you wish to attend by

  • calling the clinic at (403) 284-5444 or
  • making your reservation in person with the receptionist at the Regional Fertility Program.

As there is a wait list for attendance at the IVF evening information sessions please note 48 hours notice is required for a cancellation or appointment change to avoid a cancellation charge.