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Counseling Services

Dealing with infertility and medical treatment can be an emotionally difficult experience. The staff at the Regional Fertility Program recognize that individuals and couples can benefit from having access to caring and compassionate support while on this challenging journey. Counseling services are available at the clinic for all RFP patients.

These include but are not exclusive to patients who are

  • Actively undergoing IVF treatment
  • Participating in third party reproduction such as sperm donor, egg donor or surrogacy
  • Experiencing pregnancy loss
  • Struggling with decisions regarding parenting and treatment options

Our psychologist is experienced in supporting individuals and couples in coping with the stress of infertility, managing the treatment experience and enhancing their interpersonal relationship.

There is a fee of $200 per hour for counseling services, unless the individual or couple are undergoing IVF treatment when the fee is included in the general cost of the cycle.