Superovulation IUI FAQ

Superovulation / IUI

What is the success rate for Superovulation/IUI?

The success rate for Superovulation/IUI is approximately 25%.

What is the difference between Superovulation/IUI and IVF?

The aim of superovulation/IUI is to ovulate 2-4 mature eggs. With IVF the aim is to ovulate about 10 to 12 mature eggs. The monitoring of the treatment cycles are very similar. However, caution is taken not to over-stimulate the ovaries with Superovulation/IUI. The medication dosages for SO/IUI are generally much lower than for IVF. Once the stimulation process is complete and the hCG injection is given, the SO/IUI patient will return to the clinic in approximately 36 hours for intrauterine insemination, while the IVF patient will return to the clinic for egg retrieval.

What monitoring is done with a Superovulation/IUI cycle?

The monitoring for a Superovulation/IUI cycle is very similar to IVF and includes blood tests and ultrasounds.

How often is monitoring done?

The monitoring is done about every 3-4 days early in the cycle and, may increase to daily near the end of the cycle to determine the best time for administration of the hCG injection to release the eggs. It is important for patients to maintain some flexibility in their schedule during the cycle as the frequency of monitoring is not always predictable ahead of time. On the days both blood work and ultrasounds are required, patients will be asked to come to the clinic at 7:30 AM to have their blood drawn. The ultrasounds are done afterwards on a first-come, first-serve basis. On the days that only ultrasounds are needed , patients will be asked to come later, perhaps between 9:00 and 10:30 AM. More specific times will be given during the treatment cycle.

Who will be performing my IUI?

In our clinic, IUI is generally performed my our registered nurses. More difficult IUI’s will be completed by one of our physicians.

What is the cost for Superovulation/IUI?

The cost for Superovulation/IUI is $1,390.00. The average cost of medications is around $1,800.00.

What medications are used with Superovulation/IUI?

The medications that are used with Superovulation/IUI are the same as those used with IVF. The medication dosage that is required for Superovulation, however, is generally much lower than with IVF. Examples of the medications are Gonal-F®, Puregon® and Menopur®.

What are the risks of Superovulation/IUI?

The two main risks are multiple pregnancy and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). OHSS is a condition that may occur when a woman gets ill as a result of her ovaries being over active during the stimulation cycle. If the risk of overstimulation is high or the risk of multiple pregnancy is too high, the cycle may need to be cancelled or converted to an IVF cycle.