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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

I have had one miscarriage and am very concerned that I will have another. Will the RPL clinic take me as a patient?

Unfortunately, 15-20% of pregnancies are lost in the first or early second trimester. Although this is an emotionally upsetting time for families, it is sadly a common experience. If you are having a difficult time coping, seeking local counseling or a support group might be helpful. The recurrent pregnancy loss clinic sees patients with two or more losses.

I am a RPL patient.  Should I take progesterone in my next pregnancy?

Repeat pregnancy loss was previously treated with progesterone and baby aspirin.  However recent large studies have shown no benefit from this treatment.  Therefore the physicians at the Regional Fertility Program do not routinely recommend these medications.

I have done all the investigations for RPL and there are no explanations. Should I give up hope?

About 50% of RPL patients have no known cause. Although no cause has been identified it is reasonable to continue attempts as there is generally a good chance of a subsequent healthy pregnancy.

Who will follow me in future pregnancies?

You may contact your family physician or obstetrician for prenatal care once all appropriate testing and treatment has been completed at the Regional Fertility Program.

I am a RPL patient and have recently suffered a miscarriage. When can I try again?

Following a miscarriage, a follow-up visit should be made with your doctor. Generally, 2 normal cycles are advised prior to attempting pregnancy, your doctor will discuss the recommended interval to wait with you.