Clomiphene Citrate FAQ

Clomiphene Citrate

Are there any contraindications with Clomiphene Citrate to other medications?


Should Clomiphene Citrate be taken at a particular time of day?

It doesn’t matter what time of day the Clomiphene Citrate is taken as long as the entire dose is taken at the same time each day.

If I notice that my cervical mucous is decreased when using Clomiphene Citrate, is there anything that I can use?

No, this is a common effect of Clomiphene Citrate and may be an indication for proceeding with intrauterine insemination to bypass cervical mucous.

Will Clomiphene Citrate have any effect on my menstrual cycle?

In some patients, taking Clomiphene Citrate may result in a shorter menstrual cycle and in others it may result in a slightly longer cycle. Generally, the use of Clomiphene Citrate will regulate the menstrual cycle and trigger the series of events that results in ovulation.

Is there an association between Clomiphene Citrate use and ovarian cancer?

There has been some suggestion of an association between the use of clomiphene citrate for more than twelve cycles and ovarian cancer. To date, various studies have shown conflicting data. It appears that there is an association between female infertility and ovarian cancer, and this may be a confounding factor in the association between the use of clomiphene citrate and ovarian cancer. The risk of ovarian cancer in clomiphene citrate users, if any is extremely small